Thursday, 11 August 2016

Processing Light in my Paintings

I'm breaking up the elements of the photo, potentially isolating them. These elements consist of a number of grounds and the silhouetting effect of the foreground.

By doing so I exam the edge. This edge is created by making the elements their own entities. If the foreground is isolated how does it connect to the patches of light in the background.

This edge has become of interest. This is where the light in the selected photographs has created a glare effect that seems to show a hallow around the object. Many of these objects are living and appear as if on fire in a white hot spotlight.

I have been layering the thinner white paint, the bright over exposed light, on this range of shapes I have found in the source material photographs.

I see these as research for larger paintings that potentially will include other aspects of the landscape the origin of these forms.

These are done using oil paint.

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