Sunday, 28 February 2016

Moving Through A Field - Study 1 - Short Film

This is my first short field study film called Moving Through A Field - Study 1. It's a combination of clips, cuts and slow motions from a walk I did through some fields in Hertfordshire. I have also manipulated the sound.

Influences and Aims

The idea for this came from a number of influences. The first being the need to gather visual imagery, the second from my study of Peter Doig's method of image gathering (some of which is detailed below in other blogs), thirdly from the desire to gain a perspective of a crow or something living (the camera being the eyes of the crow) and lastly to see if I can manipulate the images.


This short study has produced some really interesting imagery. The blurring of the images has created a real sense of movement, but more importantly a collection of marks I can aim to replicate in my paintings. I am really pleased with how the video looks and also the sense you get from the experience, a presence in the field, a feeling of being there.

This is the first of a series and a great way to collect and experiment with imagery. I'll be making more of these and potentially they will become more abstract the focus being on pushing the visual understanding of the trees, fields and movement as they appear in the frame.

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