Saturday, 13 February 2016

Installation as a Good Source of Visual Imagary for Potential Paintings?

Running along side my main research has been an Installation project for which we were formed into groups on the MA course. As our ideas developed we began to form some strong visual motifs within the design and I realized that I might be able to use some of these within my paintings. That they could even result in a series or at least the source material working into some of the visual elements of my paintings.

Once complete I produced a short film that can be seen here. Arguably I could take some stills from this, much like I did for my field walks, and either focus on those and some of the broken aspects of the images, much like Doig did for his Concrete Cabin series, or even mix the two sets of stills together to create a ethereal landscape. The question is is this aesthetic recipe valid in my line of research or am I plucking fruits from my experiences that skirt around the narratives and become more conceptual when considering the illustration narrative element?

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