Monday, 8 February 2016

Field Filming

Following on from the last blog post in which I talked about some of Peter Doig's methods I decided to film some of my own films and see how I interpret the results.


While out on a walk I filmed agricultural views as in fields and field verges. I was keen to introduce a movement to the footage and tried not to frame the images too much as if the incidental nature of the footage may reveal some interesting images, which Peter Doig talk about.

I then selected a range of stills from the footage to help inform my paintings.These can be seen here to the left.


Interestingly its the pictures which are slightly blurred, or close to the brush, which I feel work well. The presence of the foreground being active makes me more interested. I feel there are really useful images here that could form important parts of my work. 

Why use these when illustrating the crow poems? This is very much the environment of the crow, the land from which Ted Hughes drew his inspiration to write and on some level this is what I want to reflect in my work. This is where the crow comes from and then by adding the crow we have him there. 

I am considering leaving the crow out of the work and use this rugged view of the field as a metaphor for the poem.

Either way I am very pleased with this and these will add to the collection of sources for my painting.

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