Thursday, 21 January 2016

Returning to Mark Making and finding William Platz

William Platz - Some Candy Barbara - part of a project
Where as previously I draw on to just a pure white surface I now work with a range of surfaces, some of which are marked and it has pulled me more towards the question of the mark itself. Much of my previous work on canvas, before the MA, had evolved around mark making and the process. The mark was the element that matter rather than the detailed whole.

So I have began looking at artists who question the nature of drawing and my lead into this is an artist called William Platz. He is a reletively unknown pratcioner professor based in Australia but engages with life drawing and questions the actual process of drawing mixing it with film and performance.

William Platz - Some Candy Barbara - part of a project
The intense presence of his models and the way in which he interacts with them is visually powerful, the lines and marks are raw and exposing. The works he produces are often engaged with a pedagogy or academic interrogation of the understanding and teaching of drawing. Looking at his work I realize now I need to re-examine the process of drawing I have been going through and potentially implement new systems or events at which I can 'collect' imagery. This could be photos, film or drawing or a collective of all of these things. I am going to further study his work.

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