Thursday, 10 December 2015

Some Useful Illustration Links - Part 1

I wanted to put together a series of links that I have found over the last few weeks for reference or for anybody wanting to find out about what is going on in the Illustration world.

This is a link to The House of Illustration which is a new space in near Kings Cross in London. This will have a range of exhibitions to visit.

Illustration House in London
This link takes you to the World Illustration Award Catagory Winners and a good way of seeing some current and successful Illustrators. and the link for 2016 competition entry form is here:

The directory of Illustration is a comprehensive database of Illustrators and artists with loads of information:

The Association of Illustrators has many links and networks as well as the magazine Varoom which is one of the leading journals.

The Journal of Illustration is one of the few Illustration focused publications and can be found here:,id=233/

The Australian Association of Illustrators can be found here and is a country I am looking to forge connections with especially seeing I am interested in Aboriginal drawings:

Illustration web has a list of commercial illustrators and has a range of portfolios to browse:

These are for my own reference and people interested in this area may find them handy.

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