Sunday, 7 May 2017

Some Quotes on What an Exegesis Should be

A few quotes stood out for me on the subject of the exegesis in Greg Nash’s essay The Creative Writing Kaleidoscope laying down some interesting and defining points which I will take forward in my own exegesis.

I am sticking these quotes on my wall:

He highlights this quote from Barrett (2004)
"The exegesis is a means of articulating a more profound rationale for institutional recognition and support of creative arts research."

He highlights a quote from Fletcher and Mann (2004)

"The role of the exegesis is to present the research framework: the key questions, the theories, the disciplinary and wider context's, of the project "

He comments on his own opinion on the exegesis, "having completed my doctorate of creative arts I find myself not only wanting to defend the exegetical component of the degree but applaud it for the way in enhanced my own knowledge as it should and enriched my creative outcome."

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