Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Light Effects in my Painting

I am very interested in how the light through the camera lens has been polarized or caught and then this has been reduced my the printing process. You can see in the close up image of my latest painting that I have used a light yellow to highlight this effect. At this stage this is very much an experiment but I am pleased with the results. They are on some level real but yet because you can study them through this video still they are unreal. This is not something you could permanently fix your eye on in a field, it would change and probably be too bright to study, but here we can. Does this create a fantastical experience? Interestingly I had a 'happy accident' here when I left a thin gap between the yellow and the white and it has emphasized the leaves, almost making them shimmer further. I will be doing more experiments with such effects. Here is the painting, which is nearly finished.

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